2018-2019 NSWS board members and committee chairs

Wendell Brunk
Pacific Lutheran University
brunkwe at plu dot edu

Vice President
Taryn Born           Whatcom Community   College               tarynann89 at gmail dot   com

Vice President II
Kedus Getaneh
Washington State University
kedus.getaneh at wsu dot edu

Meaghan Wilson
Pacific Lutheran University
wilsonmk at plu dot edu

Megan Christie
Washington State University
megan.christie at wsu dot edu

Breakthrough to Nursing  
Adrian Brown
Pacific Lutheran University
brownab at plu dot edu

Media Director
Aaron Brandt
Whatcom Community College
aaron.brandt22 at gmail dot com

Nominations & Elections Chair   
Annalee DeBoer
Bellingham Technical College

Breakthrough to Nursing Director
Cassie Mickelson
Pacific Lutheran University
mickelcd at plu dot edu

Director at Large-West  
Ashley Brady-Power
Whatcom Community College
a.bradypower at gmail dot com

Director at Large-East
Kenzie McNeel
Washington State University
kenzie.mcneel at gmail dot com

Are you interested in being a member of the 2019-2020 NSWS Board of Directors?
NSWS membership is REQUIRED to vote for board members and to sit on the board
Click here to  join NSNA,  which automatically enrolls you in NSWS!

How to become a board member of NSWS: 
There will be time set aside during Convention to give a 3-4 sentence introductory speech to your peers.
Please tell us the following: 

1. Your name/school/expected graduation date
2. What led you to choose nursing as a profession
3. What interests you about the position and the skills you would bring to NSWS
4. Email the above information to the Nominations & Elections chair at: aaron.brandt22 at gmail dot com by 5/3/19 

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Available 2019-2020 Board of Directors Positions (the Consent to Serve Form needs to be signed to run for one of these positions):  
President, Vice President, Vice President II, Media Director, Secretary, Breakthrough to Nursing Director, Treasurer, Director at Large - West, Director at Large - East, Nominations Chair

Descriptions of Board of Directors Positions (pdf file):
President: Accountable for attending all meetings at this association and appoint special committees as needed. Represent NSWS in all matters to professional and student nursing organizations. Serve as a member of the Finance Committee and be responsible for seeing that lines of direction and the actions of the Board are carried into effect and for reporting to the membership and the Board on the conduct of the affairs of NSWS.

Vice President: Advances to the role of President for the following year, responsible for learning the role of the President and assisting in delegated tasks. Shall fill the office of President in the event of a vacancy until the next regular election. Be responsible for revisions and recommendations for bylaw amendments.

Vice President II: Assist the President and Vice President as delegated and act as advisor to the President. Shall assume the duties of Vice President in the event of a vacancy. Accountable for Convention and workshop planning.

Secretary: Shall record and distribute the minutes of all NSWS meetings as directed by the President. Assist the President Elect with responsibilities regarding bylaws and serve as member of the Finance Committee. Inform NSNA of all current programs and activities, provide up-to-date names and addresses of state and local officers and forward meeting minutes. Serve on the bylaws committee and assist the President Elect with responsibilities regarding bylaws.

Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) project is to organize, represent, and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming practitioners sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in our society. 

Treasurer: Shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee, prepare financial reports, and budgets for NSWS. Consult with the President regarding disbursement before signing checks or distributing momentary funds. Responsible for completing and submitting the annual tax paperwork.

Media Director: Work on marketing with Directors at Large, engage with potential community projects. Manage social media (Facebook, Instagram, and website), manage raffle at Convention, and serve on the Nominations Committee. Engage membership in ongoing development for positive image of nursing.

Directors at Large (East and West): Two directors from each region, divided by the Cascade Range, must attend school in their respective region. Coordinate statewide projects as proposed by the President and assist other NSWS positions as needed with projects.

Nominations Chair: In charge of maintaining ballots and canvasing for officers. Manage elections at Convention, call for nominations and submit ballot prior to biennial Convention. Chairs the Nominations Committee.i

We have updated our Bylaws (new Bylaws pdf and list of substantive/non-substantive changes pdf) and drafted a Workplace Violence Resolution (WVR pdf) - take a look!

Nursing students of Washington State Association board members share their executive roles and duties in managing a student nursing association. (4 mins)


Faculty Advisor  Debbie Brinker  Washington State University College of Nursing dbrinker@wsu.edu

Faculty Advisor
Debbie Brinker
Washington State University College of Nursing

WSNA Liason to NSWS  Heather Stephen-Selby  Washington State Nurses Association hstephen-selby@wsna.org

WSNA Liason to NSWS
Heather Stephen-Selby
Washington State Nurses Association